Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lady with Blades

I'm currently on medical leave because of an ingrown toenail incident. The 3 injections needed to numb my toe did not work too well. I felt a goodly part of the pain. Its not something i want to experience again. But the doctor was really professional and tried his best to end the procedure fast and clean :)

So i have some time and decided to paint up the last Viktoria. Hope the owner likes it ;)

Front view. She's done in the red and gold again as requested. Putting her together was a bit of a hassle, and painting her was fun but a tad challenging due to the small strap like clothing she has on.

Side view of the twin swords.

Other side view.

Back view. Just some more highlights are cleaning up the lines, but she's mainly done.

Sisters in Arms

The Viktorias: Bounty Hunter & Sword Mistress!

And i shall finish the post with a quote:

"In thee my soul shall own combined the sister and the friend."
by Catherine Killigrew

Take care all! For the weekend is just around the corner :)


  1. Sexy! Makes me want to paint my Malifaux miniatures too haahaha.

  2. Yeah they do look kinda sexy together like that. I'm going back to painting my ghosts hehe!

    Am also working on my Wood Elves archers. Slow going there. I plan to change the list to be more shooty.

  3. I also think shooty is the way to go, add some eagles or warhawk riders to delay the melee stuffs so you can shoot more hahaha.

    Position the eagle at an angle to block movement so that the enemy can only charge you to move. Flee with your eagle and if they don't catch you you delay them for 1+ turns, diverting the enemy block away from your shooty units.

    So even if they caught/kill your eagle and charge/overran they will move out of position. The enemy block can only reform and thus delaying them for 1 turn.

  4. Yeah manz!

    I will go the shooty route. Hope to be able to last till Turn 3 and 4 at least before going under ;P

    I only got the one eagle at the moment. Will see how that goes.

    Its probably back to the old tactic of putting the Glade Guard in front and units of Dryads behind them. When Glade Guard flee Dryads are ITP so will fight on..