Sunday, October 16, 2011

Glade Guard

After reviewing my Wood Elves list, i decided to make it more shooty. I'll be adding more Glade Guard to boost the amount of arrows in the sky :)

Already ran out of the old Glade Guard models so i had to use the ones from the new range. There's a lot more detail on the new Glade Guard model.

I still quite like the color scheme of the old Glade Guards. Plus most of my original Glade Guards were painted in the same yellow-brown and green scheme. I tried to bring it over to the new ones as well.

The cloaks are really cool! and the pose is really dynamic!

The first of many. He's my test model. I kinda like how he turned out. Well 20 more to go haha!
I currently have 50 archers including the old single posed minis. Hope to complete painting the army by mid next year by my current rate of painting ;))


  1. 70 shots per turn! That would be fun to roll! Watch your opponent face as his death star panic off table - priceless.

  2. Yeah man, 70 shots would be nice :)