Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Hive Mind Stirs...

I've done some packing to my miniature collection and came across my really old Tyranids..again. They looked accusingly at me for putting them in stasis. I did an inventory of my Tyranids and made an attempt to see if i could scrounge up enought points to bring them to 1750 pointage that my gaming group is playing at.

A quick check yielded the following bug count:

1 Hive Tyrant armed with Venom Cannon and Scything Talons

2 Tyrant Guard

5 Tyranid Warriors (1 with Venom Cannon & 4 with Deathspitters) All with a set o' Scything Talons

2 Zoanthropes

2 Biovores

1 Lictor

1 Carnifex (with 2 sets of Scything Talons)

19 Genestealers

30 'Gaunts

40 'Gants

I also wanted to try if i could squeeze in all the different 'Nid minis into a 1750 list. I wanted some variety in-game.

Have come up with the following list:

Ye Olde Tyranids- The Forgotten (by me heheh!)

1 Hive Tyrant 220pts
Hive Commander, Heavy Venom Cannon, 1 set o' Scything Talons

2 Tyrant Guard 130pts
Lash whips upgrade

2 Zoanthropes 120pts

1 Lictor xxpts

30 Gants 150pts

10 Gants 50pts (these are from old starter set. I forgot the name)

27 Gaunts 162pts

9 Genestealers with Broodlord 218pts
Broodlord has Acid Blood, Implant attack and a set o' Scything Talons

10 Genestealers 140pts (old plastic blue ones)

5 Tyranid Warriors 185pts
1 Venom Cannon and 4 Deathspitters, all with a set o' Scything Talons

Heavy Support
Carnifex 220pts
Bio Plasma, 2 sets o' Scything Talons, in a Mycetic Spore (Mycetic Spore bought from Taka toy fair)

2 Biovores 90pts (I look forward to painting the Spore Mines)

So that is actually 1750pts on the money :) Not too sure how this will work out in game, but i think its gonna be fun to play!

Its got all the different models in there and i don't really have to buy any new models. Well ..maybe a Broodlord, but i could just use the one from Space Hulk.

That felt good! Another complete (for now) army back into the fold lol!

Woohoo! Double posts in a day! Its been a while ;)

Comments welcome on strategies for the list.


  1. Nids! The list looks flexible and very shooty! Quantity of shots will win the day!

    So you want to play 40k on Saturday? I last play 40k was in the LGS.

  2. Haha! Me too, that was the last time i played 40K as well. Actually either fine by me. Fantasy will be faster game for me hehehe! Usually only firewood left by turn 2.

    I try to be there. Fingers and toes crossed man ;)