Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vlad von Carstein

I was re-looking at my stash of Warhammer Fantasy stuff and came across the Vampire Counts character miniatures of Vlad and Isabella.

Also discovered i still have a force of Undead buried under my boxes. The inventory taking saw me digging up the following:-

Vlad and Isabella

55 Zombies

20 Dire Wolves

20 Ghouls

4 Fell Bats

1 Varghulf

And some skeletons in a box.

Added to this is a recent purchase of the new monstrous Terrorgheist :)
This has also motivated me to paint up my first von Carstein.

So here he is, my version of The Aristocracy of the Night's most infamous Lord Vlad.

Front view. This is the older, more classic miniature of Vlad. I painted him in reds and blues, my color choices subconsciously influenced by Ravenloft's vampire lord- Strahd von Zarovich.

Wanted to go with purples initially, but was afraid he would turn out too much like The Count from Sesame Street lol!

Side view. Vlad shows off the legendary Carstein Ring.

Vlad posing menancingly with his sword Blooddrinker.

Back view. He's got a nice mane of long black hair hehe!

Still gots some highlights to do, but he's mostly done. Finished him today at 1:30 am. Will be moving on the paint up Isabella next ;)

Have a good weekend all!

And sleep tight ;P


  1. he looks really nice, especially the sword hilt :)

  2. Was using Vlad today to bully gnoblars. He fluff his attacks against Warhammer Fantasy lowest life form... no wonder even the "pope" can smash him.

  3. ONE mauhahahahaha

    TWO mauahhahahaha

    Threee muahahhahaha

    Three bananas muahahahhaa!

  4. @RhydPedr
    Thanks man! He was fun to paint, brought back a lot of memories :)

    I know why he fluff! You must use him together with Isabella to inspire him hehe!

    Ahh yess..The Count ;P