Friday, August 5, 2011

Raging Heroes

Friday at last!

Dryad No. 17 above has been painted. And its the only thing i've probably painted this week haha! I gotta remember the techniques again.

Forest Reinforcements
I received my Raging Heroes Miniatures just a day ago. The packaging is simple but still quite nice.

I'll be using the Tree Warriors as Treekin and Syl-Iriah can be a Spellweaver. The plan is to treat her as my counts as Ariel, Queen of the Forest. There are no rules for her in the current Wood Elves Codex. Maybe next time there will be and i can field her. For now she'll hopefully be painted up and keep Orion company :)

She comes neatly packed in 4 different plastic pouches. The wings will be a challenge to shape, but fortunately there appears to be a tutorial on how to bend the wings on the Raging Heroes website.

I assembled and pinned the Tree Warriors. I must say that i'm really impressed by the sculpt and how natural and organic the Tree Warriors look.

Just a size comparison to the GW Treekin. The Raging Heroes Tree Warrior can represent the Treekin Elder. Nice!

I would definitely recommend checking out the other minis at Raging Heroes. I'm sorely tempted to get the Vampire Lord mini. They will also be releasing a Dragon and a Phoenix. Am real looking forward to the Phoenix as i've never seen one before in miniature :))

Have a peaceful finish to the week and a joyous weekend ahead everyone!


  1. Nice to see goodies arrived hahaha! It had been awhile since I ordered stuffs, mainly due to the embargo hahaha.

  2. Yeah man, i know what ya mean. I've stopped getting GW stuff too. Been lookin' at other miniature ranges for substitutes, and they're not that difficult to find hehe ;)