Sunday, August 21, 2011

Enchantress (WIP)

Again not much hobbying this week due to work and a trip to Malaysia this Saturday. My department celebrated Social Work Assistant(SWA) Day and we all went on a trip to Johor for snacks shopping and some nice meals :)

I did manage to assemble, prime and start to paint my Enchantress. I'm pretty sure she's a Damsel on Horse from Gamezone Miniatures. She was to be my Prophetess in my Bretonian army.

I found most of the facial features a tad obscured after applying the black primer. Think i sprayed it too close. Still managed to pick out the eyes and pouty lips.

I really liked this model the moment i saw it. The horse is most handsome and the damsel seated atop looking quite regal. I only had some issues with assembling the 2 halves of the horse as there were some gaps a party of ants could have fallen into.

I like how she sits with one side on the horse like the GW Damsel. However, i do feel this pose puts quite a strain on the waist and lower back, and may be distracting to one's efforts at casting magical spells.

She's holding a scroll in her right hand. I'll definitely be treating it as a Dispel Scroll. And i do hope she can read really really fast when i need that crucial dispel, because its quite a long scroll.

Back view of the Damsel. Nice long golden flowing locks there.

Work beckons as the new week heralds the arrival with Sir Monday on the morrow.

Good tidings to all! And i wish everyone a fantastic week ahead ;)


  1. The gamezone miniatures are nice but absolutely a nightmare to assemble due to the gaps. I was assembling a blood knight model from gamezone and I used quite abit of green stuffs.

    Nice work on the Damsel. Are you sure that is not a piece of used toilet paper she just used to wipe her *** with after taking a dump in the Lady's lake?

  2. Haha coincidence, but I just bought a bretonnian damsel (with staff) from GW yesterday :p
    I really like the model, it's definetely better than the mounted games workshop one :)

  3. @crazyrat

    Thanks man :) LOL i hope she did not use it as toilet paper, after doing business in the lake! Else the Miscast will be most spectacular ;P

    Hey cool! The damsel with staff is one of the nicer models i've seen too :)

  4. haha, sorry, I meant I prefer the model you just painted to the GW one :p

  5. @RhydPedr

    Lol! No probs and thanks mate ;)