Sunday, August 14, 2011


I got up a bit early this morning and managed to paint up my Wood Elf Scout Noble. It was a quick paint job and i already got a majority of the colors and even shading up before noon.

He is known to his Scout Kindred as Greensleeves because of his green arm bands and the green flash of deadly arrows when he fires his bow.

I'm still planning to do work on the base, fur and swords. The twin swords will be counts as Rageth's Wildfire Blades. Either that or just two hand weapons.

Green Fate
Also popped by the LGS this afternoon and picked up a Fate Deck for future Malifaux games.

The art is quite nice and in some cases surreal. Not too sure if i can find any sleeves to match the size of the cards though. Some green sleeves would be nice ;)

Back to work tomorrow. Hope everyone had a fruitful weekend.


  1. Hey you went to the LGS, Krom and Jaeroler(df) wanted to get the Collette and Vik boxset. Could have helped them buy it when you were there. Got member discount also. hahaha

  2. *If we knew you were going down.

    Great painted model there, is he the HODA scouting hero you mentioned?

  3. Aiyah, i didn't know lol. Cool! Krom also getting into Malifaux :))

    Yup, he's the scouting hero. I used him only once, then he got banned cos the store manager says i can't use it as he's not a GW model. He wasn't painted or converted back then.

  4. Yes Krom playing the sex dolls crew, Jaeroler playing the wild wild west gunfighter crew.

    Soon soon... Beardy One(Dan) will be joining us. The seed of corruption had been planted on him. (I passed him the rule book to read)

  5. BO jio!

    NIce model with an excellent history lol.

    The invasion of Malifaux seems inevitable now hahaha.

  6. Insane Courage Master (Crazyrat) is well pleased =)

    Lets do the painting pledge for Malifaux once they arrive too!

  7. @Krom

    Thanks bro! Yup, lets do the painting pledge.

    Lookin' forward to a new gaming experience man :)