Saturday, July 30, 2011


I found another Wood Elves Classic mini! Its a Spellsinger model and also a bit caked in paint. Primed it white and painted over it in my usual fashion haha!

This mini brought back fond memories battling my friend Rowen's Wood Elves many years ago. Their magic was strong then and I kept being bombarded by spells no matter what terrain i hid in. I remember losing an entire Empire Spearmen unit to Fury of the Forest and Master of Stone :P

I still have some touching up to do to smooth out the lines and areas between the folds of her robe.

She's generally done, but more improvements can be made. Still struggling with the base size as she will be mounted on the same base as the Unicorn.

Here's a pic of Caathwen and Starburst the Unicorn, together at last...

I just stacked their bases to see how they look together. I think they like each other lol ;)

And...the JCI audit at my hospital is finally over!! Woohoo! I heard we passed as well which is awesome :))

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. master of stones LOL! very pain that spell.

    All your spell singers done?

    So you are free to play the following weeks?

  2. Yup, the Spellsingers are all almost done...

    Still got one on a normal Elven horse to do...sometimes i wish they can be like Lego and plug and play without conversion lol!

    The next weekend cannot cos of wedding anniversary and wife birthday, after that can :P

  3. Love your spellsinger and unicorn duo. Superb!

    So i have one more week to paint before my unpainted elves fail their leadership for being unpainted =)

    So will we be playing 40k or fantasy?

  4. @Krom

    Thanks bro!

    Haha! I think mine may still fail leadership painted or not :P

    I'm game for 40K or Fantasy.

  5. LOL! I cant seem to focus on a project... Keep getting distracted by multiple projects - today I will build my Dark eldar, tml I will build my TK. Then I will go build/prime/paint terrains... following I will mess around with GKs...

  6. @crazyrat

    Hehe! I think that's the upside of having a lot of minis ;)

    Can work around this by dedicating maybe days to 40K and Fantasy. Like 3 days for 40K and the next few for Fantasy. The continuity may allow you to finish up a model or two.

    Thats how i do it when i'm working at time is a bit of a premium.

    Hope this helps dude :)