Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Japanese Ghosts

Was supposed to join my friends for some wargaming today and visit me parents. Unfortunately both did not happen as i was not feeling a bit under the weather (which incidentally was quite warm). However, i did manage to get some modelling and painting done ;)

Above pic from the box art of the Kirai set. I think the orange gold shiny robe looks really cool.

Anyways, I stuck all the minis onto the bases I had earlier added some greenstuff on. I also included a mini from the Privateer Press range (extreme left) to represent the Lost Love miniature. I'll begin the Malifaux adventure with painting the leader of the pack...Kirai.

Some WIP work of Kirai. I also primed the rest of her crew with a black undercoat.

The painting of Kirai continues....

I did not go for the blood soaked look on the back of the box, but opted for a 'cleaner' look.

I painted the robes starting with a basecoat of Dark Flesh. Then a Dark Flesh with Blazing Orange mix of 50:50. I then layered on the next coat with increasing amount of Blazing Orange into the mix. The highlights were done using a mix of Blazing Orange and Sunburst Yellow (30:70).

Above is the classic Kirai side-view look on the box cover. The bluish parts of the robes, i used a mix of Goblin Green and Hawk Turquoise (30:70). I then highlighted it by adding some Skull White to the mix.

I added some skulls to the bottom of the base using Warhammer Fantasy bitz. The floor of the model i painted green to simulate bamboo flooring.

She sure has got a haunting silhouette, even from the back. Just got to do some fine highlights and touch ups and she'll be ready for the tabletop.

As of this time, I have absolutely no idea what else i need to play the game. I just downloaded the manual from Wyrd Miniatures website. I also heard the game requires no dice?!

Well thats all from me today. Hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable day ;)


  1. Did you bring it back for a refund? There's a missing ghost dragon-seishin from the boxset.

    You can get a quick reference sheet, V2 cards for old models and a reference rule book from the website.

    I have the small rule book and just had a demo game in the LGS. I aga aga know how to play laio.

    Yes, you dont need dice, it uses cards. If you want to budget can use poker cards, but its better to use Malifaux fate deck due to the symbols when casting spells / triggers / critical hits.


  2. No man, i dun have time to bring it back. And i already assembled the minis and painted one haha!

    The no dice concept for minis sounds quite novel and interesting!

    Hey cool! You can show me the ropes on how to play :))

    Okie doke, i'll go grab the fate deck. I only need 1 fate deck right?

  3. Yes, there are 5 colours. Just different artword. Red for guild, green for res, purple for neverborn etc... Kirai is res so you can buy green if you like to match your crew faction.

  4. So well painted I am remind of:

    Xiao Qian with a huge pair of scissors. Edward Scissorshand's ghost sister.

    I think I am failing my terror tests already!