Sunday, August 7, 2011


I dropped by the LGS at Midpoint Orchard today. Saw the Malifaux Kirai box set and bought it on impulse haha!

I like the Japanese theme and thought the models looked cool.

The miniatures are really well sculpted too, and the cards are real nice and detailed. Unfortunately, i am missing one Seishin model that should have came with the box. I'll probably check to see if i the LGS can offer me a replacement...

But all is not lost ;)

I have some nice Japanese ghosts look-alikes! Courtesy of the Ben 10 range LOL!

I think that after basecoating and paintjob, they would well be on their way to represent my Seishins.

I got lots of bases exactly like those that Malifaux minis use. All are from the Reaper Miniatures that i bought in Brisbane. I fit my Reaper minis on GW's bases, so i got alot of spares.

I greenstuffed 8 bases in the bamboo floor fashion following the Japanese theme. After the greenstuff hardens, i'll be placing the Malifaux models on them for priming.

Can't wait to get started actually haha!

A new week begins and its National Day on the 9th! Looking forward to the day off :))



  1. I will eventually pick up some Malifaux. I love the minis so much!

  2. Good good my young padawan...

    You finally bought the 日本鬼 Malifaux boxset. I'm in the process of using Jedi mindtricks on some of our kakis to make them start Malifaux, would take some time as the force is strong in them.

    I got the rule book and being a lazy bugger, I passed it to Krom and asked him to read/teach me lol

    We are trying a mock/proxy game this tuesday after the fantasy game. We are all go for Malifaux after getting the models.

  3. @Warflake
    Yeah man, me too :) The minis have a lot of character.

    I could not resist not getting it after seeing the box there haha! I'll try to come for the Tuesday game ;)