Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Black Cross

Inspiration has shifted my path to the Black Templars once again. These zealous and devoted servants of the Emperor have received new and much needed reinforcements. In other words, i received my orders from Wayland Games. A Land Raider Crusader and a box of Assault Terminators enabled me to add on to my existing and rather used Terminators.

I did not have much time for painting, and only did one Termi with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.

Hammer time!

Clobberin' time!

3+ Invulnerable save time!

Saturday Night Fever time!

Assault Terminators WIP

Here is a unit of Assault Terminators assembled and primed. The unit consists of 5 TH/SS Termis and 2 with Lightning Claws. They'll probably get the Furious Charge vet skill.

The Rest of the Brethren in WIP mode..

Also assembled and repaired enough to make 2 squads of Terminators. Each squad also boasts 2 of their brethren armed with the new and improved Cyclone Missile Launchers. I'll be giving them the Tank Hunters veteran skill.

Some More Xenos Jedi

The model on the left was used as it is to represent a SoB Sister Superior Seraphim. He is from the Tau Vespid box set. I've just added small unactivated Light Saber to his waist. The model on the right is assembled using the Kroot plastic mini. I added an activated Light Saber to his hand.

Back view. The Kroot Jedi has a bit more conversion. I added a plastic Fantasy Wood Elf Glade Guard cloak to his back. I also snipped the arrows off and added the handle from the Kroot Rifle.

I'll name the Vespid Jedi Xarquil and the Kroot Jedi T'kree :P

That's it for today folks! Have a great week ahead all!


  1. Hey I like the shading you done on the white BT Terminator helmet. Very nicely done.

    LOL Saturday Night Fever time!
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu8z1DIMe9Q (for those that dont get it haha)

    Your SOB Jedi army getting bigger.
    So did you received your missing package yet?

  2. Templar Terminator looks really good - I especially like the cross on his kneepad, it's really neatly painted!

  3. Love your WIP reports! Post them on AnythingButOnes.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys :)

    Yeah man! John Travolta sure can move haha!

    I did a cross first and then added the "V" shape to the tip of each cross. Then joined the lines to the middle of the cross.

    Will do man! I'll paint up these 2 lads and post them soon ;)