Sunday, July 17, 2011

Call of the Wild

I've been a bit busy at work and getting used to the routine again. Did not help that i came back right in the middle of accreditation for the hospital haha! Not much painting done at all last week, but did get to do some hobbying in the form of modelling and putting stuff together.

The above art piece is named The Call of the Wild :p I answered the fruit phone when it rang and it was the Wood Elves! About time i started to put together my WH Fantasy army...

I put together and primed 24 Wood Elf Dryads.

These ladies of the forest will be part of my main Core Units. Possibly 3 groups of 15.

And i finally assembled the Treeman miniature bought many years ago.

The metal bits were a bit fiddly in some areas and a lot of pinning had to be applied. So glad its finally done! I don't find the sculpt particularly inspiring, but its a propa Treeman so..

Wood Elf Noble
I found a Reaper miniature from my time in Brisbane and had plans to convert him to a Wood Elf Scout Noble. I could only do the conversion when i got home to Singapore as my WE bitz are here.

I really like the pose of the mini and did some modifications to his weapons. Gave him two swords to represent the Wildfire Blades.

He'll also have the option to take the Hail of Doom Arrow. I used his setup to good effect during one of my games in Brissie. He worked well in tandem with the Waywatchers.

Well thats all from me. Hope to get some painting done real soon!

Take care all! And have fun ;)


  1. Is that a mango LOL? Hey your dryads can rank up nicely, mine keep poking each other.

    The treeman is a nightmare to assemble, even pinning all the branches, it still came off during games.

    The reaper miniature looks good for a WE noble, very dynamic looking.

  2. Haha! I think thats a papaya. Its one of those smaller ones ;)

    I think the trick to Dryads is to glue their feet more towards the rear half of the base. They tend to have a forward leaning pose, so need extra space for their arms to 'stick out' in the front.

    Yeah manz, i really like the Reaper mini. Now that i look at it, his twin swords remind me a bit of a certain VC character lol!

  3. I love your work Sam! Keep it up!

    Are you bringing them to the Megagame on National Day?

  4. @enrgie

    Thanks manz!

    I'll try to. Some of my models still on the way, order backlog...They won't be all painted :P