Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tending the Garden

This week's hobbying is only slightly better than last week. For painting, i only got this lonely Dryad half painted. She does not look happy at all. Hopefully once the audit for the hospital i work at is over, i can pick up the pace...well...after next week.

I did get my 2 boxes of Finecast Treekin in yesterday. Was really happy to be seeing them as they are the last piece of my Wood Elf army :)

Click the pic for a more detail look.

The process of putting them together was quite a breeze once you knew which part went where. Also there were not any (that i have noticed) molding faults with them. And i got 3/4 of a Treekin for FREE! He's the guy all the way on the right in the pic above. I did a bit of conversion work to make him whole hehe!

The Unicorn is one of the most popular icons of Fantasy. I found this one from long ago after doing some packing in my room. I got it secondhand from Perth about 7 years ago. It was already painted and i believe this was the steed of Morgana le Fay of the olde WH Brettonians army.

Anyways i'm going to finally try the nail polish remover method of stripping paint on the unicorn. Also if anyone knows if this the correct base size for the Unicorn?

And....its already Sunday evening...Time sure flies haha!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. The Dryad looked pissed lol.

    Free 3/4 treekin? BONUS! I think someone somewhere will be missing 3/4 treekin in their box.
    The Finecast treekins looks very detail. I have 3 of the metal ones - pinning madness(I hate to pin models). The finecast ones should be much easier to assemble (light weight and adhere well to supa glue).

    The unicorn is on a cavalry base 25x50mm according to GW.

  2. @crazyrat

    Thanks for the link for the Unicorn. Now i also got a reference on how to paint it :)

    Yea manz! The extra Treekin was a nice bonus hehe! I also got another 3 Treekin on the way from Raging Heroes. Also got a Spellweaver character. Their sculpts are awesome!!

    Links below:

    Also check out their Manticore model. I think it could be comparable or dare i say better than GW's ;P

  3. I saw their range, was tempted to get some stuffs from them, but is the material metal? You buy direct from the website or through retailers?

  4. I got it from their website.

    The minis should be metals. But they also should be quite easy to pin. The Tree Spirits have ball joints on arms, legs and head, can get a lot of poses haha!

  5. A woodelf army of trees. WoW!

    Remember this quote from Treebeard (Lotr 2)

    Treebeard: Hroom, hm, come, my friends. The Ents are going to war. It is likely that we go to our doom. The last march of the Ents.


  6. @Krom

    Great quote from the Ents :) An inspiring quote before the March of the Ents!

    I may try out an all Forest Spirit army, could be fun and a chance to buy and paint Drycha.

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