Sunday, July 10, 2011


The weekend has been a restful one, and i managed to paint up my last (at least for now) Xeno Jedi.

This here be Xarquil, a Stingwing from the gas giant of Vespid. The miniature is the Vespid Stingwing Strain Leader. I did not give him an activated Lightsaber, but rather an unactivated one attached to his waist.

I think he is a really fun model to paint. I went for a sea green color as i have other characters who sport green cloaks. I initially intended to paint him up in green like a grasshopper :)

Xarquil will be my counts as Vet Sister Superior Seraphim. The other Vespids in the box will be used to represent the Seraphim Sisters in-game.

A clearer view of his Lightsaber at the waist. After some deliberation, i think i'm just going to call the power weapons Lightswords instead haha!

Back view. Still some fine detail work and basing to be done, but he's mostly finished. And ready to take to the skies!

"Xarquil's path with the Jedi Ancient crossed during his foray in the Damocles Gulf wars. His discovery of his own Force powers saw him take out an entire squad of Imperial Guardsmen who had earlier took down his Strain Leader. He retrieved the communion helm of his predecessor and proceeded to provide covering fire for his retreating Tau allies." -by Mr Fluffy

Blast from the Past: Imperial Assassin

This is a miniature i converted using lots of various bits and models. I based him of a metal Dark Eldar Wych. He was supposed to be my multi-purpose Assassin. I converted this guy when the Witch Hunters Codex came out and is based on the famous Predator movies.

I only painted the body and armor, and he stayed in that condition for many years. I just finished adding some touches to the head trophies, so he looks more 'complete'. I have not completed the fluff for him yet. But generally, it surrounds a disillusioned citizen of the Imperium who chances upon an alien suit of tremendous power...

I primarily wanted to use him as either a Callidus or an Eversor Assassin. Callidus as he can make himself invisible and infiltrate like the Predator in the movie. And Eversor because he is a close combat beast who self destructs if killed.

I guess i could use him as a Vindicare as well, but its a stretch. And as for the Culexus, the only thing close is the weapon on his shoulder which could be treated as an animus speculum :P

I had a restful weekend and am slightly apprehensive at the coming work week. Am contemplating trying my hand at other types of jobs, maybe still in the social service sector.

Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend! :)


  1. They both look awesome, did you sculpt the predator mask out of green stuff - it looks just like the films!

  2. This is going to be a funky SOB army.

  3. Thanks guys! Its a fun process. Now have to paint the troops. Still have no idea what to use for an Exorcist though...

    The Predator mask was based off a smaller toy. But i had to apply greenstuff around and shape it to make it bigger in order to fit the DE Wych body ;)