Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Year, New Stuffs

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I have officially finished my holiday job and am back to wargaming! And painting!

New year, new projects yeah :)

I have found a goodly amount of Space Marine tacticals (some in pieces) from years of hoarding second hand stuff. I will be starting project that i will name Project Leftovers ;P

Project Leftovers will consist of various badly mauled, painted and some (slightly) melted minis that i will try to form into a (reasonably) cohesive fighting force.

As such, i will be doing up a Crimson Fists army. Below is my version of Pedro Kantor, Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists Space Marines Chapter :)

I was going to be painting up a Space Marine captain for my bud Rongster. But his Captain is Ultramarines, so i tested my mini to see which blue is better. This is the front view of Pedro.

Side view of the Power Fist so representative of the Crimson Fist chapter.

Other view of a kit-bashed special bolter that Pedro carries. This is my version of the Arrow of Dorn. It was made using some Termi bits and two bolt pistols.

Back view of cloak.

Also did some paint stripping for the marines. I think i only managed to get 2-3 out of the 6-7 coats of previous paints off them. But good enough i guess haha!

The incumbent Crimson Fists. Not lookin' like much yet lol! Some are still swimming in the Spring Fresh flavour of Simple Green.

Cthulhu Calls...

And last but not least, I finally got me very own copy of Arkham Horror!

The game board is well made and the Character cards are sweet! Looking forward to learn the rules and have a game. Guys i can bring the game over as well if anyone wants to have a go at it ;))

Take care all! Have a great week ahead!


  1. What happened to the real Arrow of Dorn?! haha
    anyway really cool man..awesome. :D
    Emprah protects...

  2. Arkham horror !!! woot cant wait to try it. Does the expansions combine together with the main board to create 1 gigantic board?

    I can see bronze, black , blue red all on the marines lol, they are going to need a long bath.

  3. Hi guys :)

    @Rongster: Thanks dude! Will probs paint ur captain tomorrow ;)

    @crazyrat: Yeah man, i read that the expansions can be combined together, which is just sweet! Not sure if it will be a bigger board, sounds possible though :))

    Yup, i got at least 6 layers of paint on the marines manz! I soak for one day first. They have not bathe for many centuries lol!

  4. Cool! I'm thinking of getting the "yellow king" arkham horror expansion, read good reviews for it then can combine for more insanity fun hahaha

  5. Woo! I know the one, The King in Yellow :) Sounds like a good plan man ;)) Lets get insane hehe!

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