Sunday, February 13, 2011

Starship Terrain

Been doing some terrain making lately at Ray's (from Anything But Ones blog). The buildings are slowly but surely taking shape and being based. This has also given me some motivation to do up my own starship terrain. The inspiration is also from the Space Hulk PC game that drew me into the Warhammer 40K universe.

I wanted to make a gaming board out of it, but did not really know how to even start. I collected stuff through the years and decided to do something about it as there is now quite a bit of clutter in my room :P

Deck Plating
I got some stuff that looks like deck plating on a miniature scale.

The above are things that people put at the bottom of plant pots. They have a good deck plate/ iron grills look to them. I got a heap of these things heheh! I got these from Daiso at $2 a pack.

More deck plating stuff. This one is a Plastic Canvas. Got it at ArtFriend for $1.50 each.

This is the board itself. Its a plastic board thing used in art and craft. Can be found at bookshops like Popular. I cut the desired indentations to house the 'deck plating' items.

I then glued one board on top of the other using good ol' PVA.

Then i just slotted in the deck plates and apply more PVA to stick them in place. All thats left is basecoating it black and dry brush boltgun metal+wash. This piece is made to be 2 feet by 2 feet. I have 5 more to make a 6 feet by 4 feet 'gaming surface'.

A Space Marine Captain by his lonesome on the deck.

The Emperor's Finest gettin' a feel of the board. My Terminators are painted, but the Land Raider will soon be stripped and re-painted ;)

I hope to at least get all the 'board pieces' constructed before next week.

Oh yes, i forgot to add. The board is pretty basic and i was not going fully for the Space Hulk look. In Space Hulk, the corridors are all pretty fixed. Sure you could reconfigure the walkways but the models do have to move in a straight line or pathways.

The more open board allows for spaceship terrain placement. For example, plasma generators, crates and even a small shuttle. And all the terrain functions just like terrain on an open board, e.g. Bunker, hill or forest. This makes the board more dynamic and allows for Vehicles to move as per an open board.

The Space Hulk is after all an amalgamation of several derelict Starships, so space should be at a premium anyways.

Well thats all from me for the weekend.


Edited for loads of typos ;P


  1. I have been looking for those "deck plating" materials to make fences, damn daiso have all the goodies, I must visit 1 someday.

    If you are making a star ship board not only for the space hulk board game, we will have "ice", "urban", "grass" and lastly "space ship" board to play on! Looking forward to it.

    spezze mehrine embarking a drifting space hulk to investigate and burn some xenos hehe

  2. Yup yup :) The board is for normal 40K gaming. The Space Hulk lookalike is just for the atmosphere hehe!

  3. My Nids will come in and eat you ALIVE!