Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lunchbox Marines

Back to the land Down Under! And I come with the Angels of Death! And a few wood elves ;)

This is one of the few lunch boxes of olde Space Marine models that I scrounged up from the forgotten realms (my bitz boxes and also from under the table).

I initially wanted to do up a Crimson Fists army but found that I had forgotten to bring along my converted Pedro Kantor. I did bring along some Ravenwing and Deathwing, but they themselves were not sufficient to form an army.

It would fall to the marines from my lunchboxes to bring up the army to a respectable 1500 points :) I have 40 extra marines in various degrees of mutilation heheh, so i'll use 20 to form the Dark Angels Troop choices (i.e 2 Tactical Squads).

Heres my Dark Angels 1500pt fun list:

1x Master of Deathwing 130pts
Twin Lightning Claws

Venerable Dreadnought 175pts

5x Deathwing Terminators 275pts
AC/PF, LC, LC, TH/SS, TH/SS (Apoc)

5x Deathwing Terminators 250pts

10x Tactical Marines 205pts
Sgt w/PF, 1 Missile Launcher, 1 Flamer

10x Tactical Marines 220pts
Sgt w/PF, 1 Plasmacannon, 1 Plasmagun

Fast Attack
6 Ravenwing Bikers 245pts
Sgt w/PW, 1 Meltagun

Total: 1500pts

I only brought along Belial as my only HQ. He makes my Deathwing counts as Troops which is great :) But i'll start painting the Tacticals first. Got to paint fast as i'll probably head down to the local GW this weekend.

The 'lunchbox marines' after being primed and mostly painted with Dark Angels green.

Two Tactical Marines are mostly done for tabletop gaming.

Rear view. Just 18 more to go lol!

And to provide some much needed motivation whilst painting, i have received my copy of The Purging of Kadillus by Gav Thorpe.

Am on the second chapter of the book thus far and its looks promising :)

More Angels Incoming!
I have another 20-ish extra marines and will be painting them up as a certain Blood Angels Successor Chapter ;) I'll probably be getting a Storm Raven as well as a Furioso Dreadnought kit. Was inspired by the game i saw crazyrat from Floor Gaming blog played with Krom before i left.

My Flesh Tearer's Fun List at 1750pts:

1x Librarian 100pts
Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius

1x Chaplain 105pts

10x Tactical Marines 200pts
Sgt w/Powerfist, 1 Meltagun, ML

10x Tactical Marines 200pts
Sgt w/Powerfist, 1 Meltagun, ML

10x Scouts 150pts
Sgt w/Powerfist & Meltabombs

5x Scouts 90pts
Camo cloaks, 4 sniper rifles

9x Death Company 220pts
1w/ Powerfist, 1w/Power weapon

1x DC Dreadnought 125pts
with Awesome Talons

Heavy Support
1x Storm Raven 215pts
Twin-linked Multimelta
Extra Armor

1x Storm Raven 215pts
Twin-linked Multimelta
Extra Armor

5x Devastator Marines 130pts
4 Missile Launchers

Grand Total: 1740pts

This list has a bit of flexibility especially with the Storm Ravens. 3 of the Troop choices will be on the Storm Ravens and will hopefully get to the enemy lines at the opportune moment.

I will definitely be placing the Death Company, Chaplain and Dread in a Storm Raven.

The other Storm Raven is more flexible. I could place a Tactical Squad and Librarian in it, OR a 10 man Scout Squad with Librarian. I think there is also the option of placing the DC Dread with the 2nd Storm Raven. This will cause the opponent to have to choose which one to shoot at ;)

The Dev Squad and Tacticals provide some much needed anti-tank. Snipers can shoot at monstrous creatures too if able.

Other options available include replacing the Chaplain and a 5 man Scout squad with Gabriel Seth or even a Furioso Librarian Dreadnought for more fun :))

Blood Strike Missiles
I would also consider hanging the Storm Ravens back in the first turn and firing the Blood Strike missiles at opponent's armor. With the amount of missiles in the army, hopefully they can crack some transports, but the key is stunning enemy transports like Razorbacks and Preds so they can't shoot me planes. Then the rest try to rush in and go for the assault.

I just need to get me 2 Storm Ravens and the new Furioso Dread kit. I got the rest of the army from my old bitz including the old metal DC marines ;P

A rather promising week to keep myself occupied.

Have a good one all! The weekend doth approaches!


  1. 40 mehreens!!! that DA list looks fun to play against. Wanted to get that book also, let me know if its worth it.

    Flesh tearers!!! nice, your flesh tearers list have lots of bodies unlike mine and also quite anti-mech which mine also lack hahaha
    Awesome talons LOL pwn! 2 stormraven!!!

    yea that game I forgotten about my bloodstrike missiles and using machine spirit to shoot the stormraven gun even when it moved flat out. (BA faq)

  2. @crazyrat:

    Thanks man! haha! I divided the 40 marines for 2 different chapters :)

    Yea, the Flesh Tearers list is about eliminating enemy fire for a turn before closing in for the kill ;)

    Yup agree with u :) I think if u shot all the bloodstrike missiles from each storm raven at a razorback each, you could have destroyed or prevented Krom from shooting u for a turn. More chance to survive then.

    Does the Shield of Sanguinius work if the Libby is in the raven?

  3. Actually the stormraven bloodstrike missiles only can at most aim 2 targets counting machine spirit and moving below flat out speed. Each missile count as firing 1 weapon so if you want to fire all need to move at combat speed and below. (e.g. 3 at razorback A and 1 at razorback B)

    yup shield works even when lib mounted. You measure the 6" from the hull of the stormraven or the vehicle the lib is mounted-bigger vehicle can extend shield range hahaha

  4. Ahh i see :) And i also juz realize the bloodstrike missiles have 72 inches range! Just hug opposite corner of the table and shoot hehe!

    Hey thats great! At least now got a 5+ cover save if the raven has to 'cheong' into an area with no cover lol!

  5. You gotta paint up your twin Stormravens man! Yup I am sure we will see more utility from Crazyrat's Stormravens soon. His Bloody Angels are looking more and more dangerous!

  6. @Krom: Will do man, am awaiting reinforcements from the Chapter ;)

  7. I bet Skanwy will paint finished his 2 stormravens and I will be just half done with mine hahaha. Do you plan to paint both red or 1 red 1 black (DC exclusive mobile)?

  8. @crazyrat: I still deciding leh. But if paint one 'raven DC black, then its kinda a commitment to take them each battle haha!

    But i'll probably still go fo one Deathmobile and one normal.

    Mine will be done up in Flesh Tearer colors though ;)