Monday, January 24, 2011

The Home Run...

I'm nearing the end of my holiday work contract :) Just one more week to go and i'm done! This has given me a bit of impetus in finishing up another mini that has been sittin' on my painting station for a month or so.

I haven't finished him 100% but he's almost done. And i was real eager to post him up too as there have been scant posts of me blog of late heheh!

Deathwing Company Apothecary

Front view. The Storm Shield just got betta for Dark Angels with the release of the new FAQ. Finally they get the same 3+ invuln save as their fellow brethren Marines :)))

Side view. He also wields the deadly Thunder Hammer.

Other side view.

Back view. I painted on the apothecary symbol on the top his armor. Also used the nice bitz from the Dark Angel's upgrade to give him some pouches and pockets to put his medical knives and band aids ;P

Terrain supplements
Our gaming group is doing up some nice terrain of late. I went to get some supplements to experiment on. They may come in handy later.

Got some debris pack for my Deathwing. And some E-Z Water to try out from Woodland Scenics.

Upcoming stuff!

I'll be doing up this really cool looking Ultramarines Commander for Jin :) Will give the mini a nice undercoat, and the painting will begin.

Thats all from me folks! Have a great start to the week ;)


  1. 1 faq and the DA are a force to be reckon with.

    Had you seen this

    at artfriend? Thats where you bought the woodlandscenics stuffs right?

  2. @crazyrat: Yeah man! I got this feelin' when i decided to revisit my Deathwing 2 months ago haha!

    Hey the Sealer looks handy too! I prolly should have also got that as well. Yup, i got my stuff from Art Friend at Bras Basah :)

  3. LOL! you show signs of psychic powers!!

    Did you see the product I link above selling in art friend?
    I cant seem to find woodland scenics stuffs in bras basah art friend whenever I go look. I cant even find the pink isolation foam you bought at artfriend lol... maybe I swarm by the huge amt of products they have.

  4. hey manz! wow thats one angry apothecary there! haahha..hes awesome man! real neat!
    hahah da commander! thanks a lot man!