Monday, February 14, 2011

More Space Terrain

Managed to do up a piece of space terrain. This piece is a Specimen/Vat Tank located in the Laboratory or Storage area of the ship.

I marked and cut out the desired shapes. The circles are where the Specimen Tanks are located, while the rectangle area is the control or viewing area.

The two Specimen Tanks are revealed while the third one is seemingly still unactivated and 'undergound'. I used plastic containers with caps for the tanks. The only part of the tank i will undercoat is the cap. Will be painting black and yellow chevrons around it. The upper part of the tank will be kept clear to display the specimen inside. Chevrons also to be painted around the circular edges of the tanks as well as edges of the walkway area.

Another slightly elevated view of the terrain piece. I also plan to put up some railings or barriers around the walkway area to give some cover for infantry units.

A closer view of the Specimen Tank. The specimen used inside is the alien from the Independence Day movie. I may replace him with something else more 40K, maybe a Tyranid organism sample hehe! Also thinking of adding slime or goop inside to make it appear like its floating about.

The other specimen on the left is the skull of a woolly mammoth :)

I got this pack of cord belts from Daiso to make some miniature computer terminals.

Just had to cut off the top of the cord and use the top part.

Here's my computer terminal, used to monitor the vital signs of the specimen. It should look more convincing after application of paint.

A pic of some Salamander Space Marine Scouts approaching the area...

This reminds me of a conversation/quote from Independence Day!

President:I know there is much to learn from each other if we can make a truce. We can find a way to Co-exist. can there be a peace between us? Alien: Peace? NO PEACE! President Whitmore: What is it you want us to do? Captured Alien: Die…die…

LOL! Thats all thus far. Will post updates as i make more progress.

Have a great week ahead everyone ;)


  1. Amazing idea from our best painter again! Are you making the space terrain board just for Space hulk or creating it for normal 40k games as well? Like having space for vehicles to navigate?

    Will Smith: You got to come down here with attitude, acting all big and bad...
    *kick alien ass*

    sorry I cant resist lol...

  2. OMG I love this! I was thinking of a lab for our city earlier but man, you executed it way better than I imagined!

  3. Hi guys :)

    Yup all the stuff for this project is for normal 40K games. It will be same size as the citadel gaming board (6 x 4).

    @crazyrat: Haha! I remember that quote as well ;) He showed that alien who was boss haha!

    @enrgie: Thanks dude! I can pass you guys the terrain to playtest ;)

    I dun think i will be able to fully complete the set before i go lol!

  4. Oh yah! As per normal board, all vehicles can move about as usual ;)) Think of it as moving in a really large space ship/hulk.

  5. LOL bring it on Sat! I need to prime our terrain. Eh Sam, when you wanna come over to do the rest for this Sat?

  6. I dun think can come these few days, got a lot of stuff to settle. But i'll be there on Sat though ;)