Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Review: The Purging of Kadillus

I just finished the book. It took me only about 3 days. I have read Helsreach and Rynn's World previously and i would say i enjoyed The Purging of Kadillus the most. The beginning of the story is different to the other two Space Marine novels i read, as the Dark Angels appear to be already in the thick of the action against the Orks.

I appreciate the headings of each chapters of the book also gets me ready for the main character who will be featured. I really liked the way the author gave us insight into the feelings, doubts and emotions of each character in each segment.

I especially enjoyed Namaan's tale. It was inspirational. The author also presents an invaluable perspective of how an imperial guardsman views the Astartes.

In addition, the book is replete with interesting quotes from Astartes. The quotes being the things the Dark Angels say at the end of a sentence, which is almost always relating to their faith in The Lion or The Emperor. I thought this gives further insight into their beliefs and how that translates into the Astartes every thought and action. Its also very characterful, although i was not used to it in the beginning.

I also liked it that The Ravenwing and Deathwing were also present and doing what they specialise in during the battle.

There is also a nice map of Kadillus Harbor and Koth Ridge in the book. Also of note is a picture of Brother-Captain Belial in normal power armor in the book. I especially found the hilt of his Sword of Secrets rather....interesting.

I would highly recommend others to give The Purging of Kadillus a read, especially fans of The Unforgiven.

I also managed to assemble and prime 6 Ravenwing bikers :) A pity i forgot to bring any Codex Grey and Shadow Grey paint. Will have to get those before i continue lol!

Pictured above are 5 Ravenwing bikers and on the front-right is my Sgt with Power sword on bike.

Okie dokes folks! I wish you all a fruitful and joyous week ahead!


  1. Sounds interesting the DA battle book. I hoped BL would publish a BA battle book hahaha.

    Vroom vroom vroom!

  2. Yea man! Totally agree! BA definitely have lots of heroic battles. But much as i like to read about Armageddon again, I would read about their other engagements ;)

  3. DA my first and fav. army... Do you play with the DA codex? if so, how does such a dated codex work for you?

  4. @j-hova

    Yup i do play with the DA Codex. I mainly play a pure Deathwing army. Most of my games are a Draw (just) and also sometimes i also get Massacred haha!

    I'm trying out the other elements of the DA codex like the Ravenwing as well as the normal Tactical Marines :) Haven't had a game as yet though..

    The recent FAQ update to the DA Codex also placed some wargear like Storm shields and Cyclone Missile Launchers on par with their C:SM brethren. So should have a higher chance of survivability ;)