Monday, June 28, 2010

More Goodies

Met up with Ed of Simply Miniatures today to collect my haul of purchases :)

Shown above are 2 boxes of Fantasy Minotaurs, Beastman codex, the new River Trolls, Ravenwing Battleforce and Necron Battleforce. The little blisters are Guardsman backpacks from Maxmini.

I was very impressed by the new plastic sculpts of the minotaur and river troll sculpts. So much detail and animation in those figurines haha!

The Ravenwing and Necron sets are to complete my Ravenwing and Necrons armies respectively. I think the Ravenwing box is really value for money as it contains lots of fluffy bits to personalize the hunters of the Fallen.

The backpacks from Maxmini are also finely detailed and would look great on any guardsman or his vehicle :)

Have a great week all!


  1. LOL I ripped open my purchases and didn't even take a pic!

    How are Simply Miniatures prices compared to the Maelstrom?

  2. @crazyrat: Yea man! I do spot a strange glow emanating from the photo LOL!

    @enrgie: Its hard to resist man! It took considerable willpower to take the pic, my hands were shaking haha! I think Simply Miniature prices are still good, especially compared to store prices in HK, Aussie and one other local gaming store. Maelstrom however appears to have more discount events, no doubt, as they are more established and with mucho more manpowah ;P

  3. Hahhaa! I love it when minis arrive. It's like Christmas!

    So Simply Minis is more expensive than Maelstrom? Do they have immediate stock?

    I was looking at their BattleFoam bags. Hmmm

  4. Yeah man! Its just like Christmas all over again :))

    I think Simply Minis have stuff that are cheaper also but some may be the same or a bit more.

    I buy from Simply Minis just also to support a LGS. Plus Ed also provides some handy advice on army building, thus helping me avoided some impulse buys i didn't need hehe, so yea, i saved some cash there :)

    I am considering more foam as well. The deeper type for my ravenwing bikes.

  5. Does he have a physical store now that we can go and play at? If there is, I don't mind supporting I guess.

    The Battlefoams are specifically cut for minis. I am thinking of getting them for my big beasts. The Singapore bags are kinda weedy. I want one for moving between countries as I will be travelling to HK quite often to play! LOL

  6. I don't think he's got a bricks and mortar store..yet. Hopefully real soon lol! He's got Games Sundays once a month though at a community centre. I've only been a few times before i left for Brissie.

    Yeah man, i agree. The foam needs to be more power and have greater options for customization ;)

  7. You're back in Brizzie? That was fast!

    How does Game Sundays work? Just bring and battle? Can you email me his mobile?

  8. Lol! I'm still in Singapore :) I played the games before i left for Brissie the first time. I'll be stickin' around S'pore till 19th July. When will ye be back?

    Yup Games Sundays are juz bring and battle. Terrain is provided. Okie i'll email ya. The events can be found on the Simply Minis forum ( It should be in the announcements section.

    Baring any changes, the next one should be on 17th July.

  9. I used to get stuff from Simply miniatures. And will definitely do so again once the price has stabilized.

    But in the meantime it shall be Maelstrom.

    He does offer a good discount off retail price but found that you have to make sure you look at what you are going to buy. He offers 10%. But 20% if you accumulate up to $500 a year from him. Abit hard to achieve as I don't buy regularly enough. I simply spend alot occasionally but it usually means my one year window has reset.

    I'm not sure why there is such a big discrepancy in his prices.

    For example. (Prices are based what I remember but not 100% accurate. However accurate enough to show my point).

    Retail price for a box of Death Company BA is 20 pounds. With Maelstroms normal 10% discount it means 18 pounds. Also $38SGD.

    In the Simply Miniatures the retail price isa whopping $63SGD!!! And he offers a supposed "20%" DISCOUNT. Which makes it $50SGD.

    That is a HUGE $12SGD difference!!!

    And when I did a Baneblade price comparision. Man was the difference insane! It's about 50pounds retail. And Simply Miniatures retaisl it for $190SGD!!?!?! After his 20% its $150SGD!!! You go do the math of 50pounds equivalent!

    I do not know if the price went haywire after the recent GW price hike. I used to get quite a bit of stuff from him. My entire Mech Guard army was from him when retail price was equal to UK retail and he generously offered me a nice 20% discount. (thank you Ed!).

    Sad to say I need to watch his site hopefully the prices will stabilize to a reasonable price.

    I really want to support local indie retailers. But not to the extent of paying them an additional $50SGD for a Baneblade.

  10. @Beef Nuggets: Good take on the price differences. I never did compare it. The Baneblade comparison does show the disparity though :)

    Thanks man!