Sunday, June 6, 2010

Angels Will Rise..

I have recently completed another 10 Sanguinary Guard for my Blood Angels army via A Tale of 6 Gamers event organized by Ray (enrgie). I have also posted pics on Anything But Ones blog :)
This has brought my force to 1000 points.

I took a pic of the army thus far. Dante as usual wants to be in front haha!


Alternate view.

Top down view.

I had played a few games with the army prior to its painted completion. Its a tough fight most of the time and losses were there. After three games, the results were 2 draws and 1 loss.

Still i enjoyed the style of the army and often deep strike even though it may not have been too tactical haha! I keep getting caught up in the moment of envisioning them descending like golden meteors from the skies :)

Where Faith abides, the Light will quicken.

And when Darkness falls,

Angels Will Rise ....


  1. wohohohoh DANTE!!!!!!

    Hey Sam, you know the brush soap you did a review on many months back?

    Can you help me buy 1 if you pass-by the local art store?
    I will pay you when you come back. I went to search in sg artfriend and they dont sell it... lousy.

  2. Let me know the cost once you work out the exchange rate. Thanks.

  3. Sure Ray :) Will try to make a trip down to the shop after me wife's exams and placement.

  4. Bro, how're you doing?

    Haven't seen you post in a while. Keep us updated man.

    God bless.

  5. Hi Krom,

    I kena food poisoning and have been sick for almost past week. Now much better. Still eating soups though...

    I was given some faulty purity seals from the Adeptus Mechanicus. They are angry that Dante didn't hand over the Baal Predator STC...

  6. Glad to hear that you are feeling better now bro. Rest well man. Gotta come back healthy for game marathons haha.

    I smell treachery, or maybe they, like me have something against old man in golden mask! lol

  7. damn the mechanicus! I was also wondering what happened to you, was visiting your blog for updates on beautiful pretty boys BA.

    Get well soon. You miss sg food I guess hehe.

  8. @crazyrat: Yea man! I think i only update when i get back again. Its too late for painting. Got some last minute packing and cleaning to do here lol! I'll be back 22nd June Tuesday evening. Maybe can meet up in the next few days ;)

  9. Thats next week, welcome back to sg!

    pls watch this video lol.