Thursday, April 9, 2015

WIP: Sisters of Battle- A First Model

I managed to get some miniatures of Sisters of Battle aka Adepta Sororitas. It was a difficult choice picking a color scheme. I really liked the Order of the Sacred Rose. Not only because of the brilliant white and red contrast but also now because the order has taken part in the defence of the Cryptus System as well. But white has been quite a difficult color to paint for me. Decided to go with it and give it a go :)
I went for a test model and selected this Sister Superior. I went with a white primer, and then layered on some white on it to smoothen out the base coat. I think its really important to have a smooth base coat, as other colors layered on top will look good as well.
I then layered back on Ulthuan Grey as the main color base. Then I used Badab Black ink in the joints and connecting plates of the armor. I cleaned any mess up with Ulthuan Grey. For the armor highlights, I used pure white.
The red robes were given 2 basecoats of Khorne Red and then I layered on Mephiston Red, I added Fire Dragon Bright to Mephiston Red for the raised areas of the cloth.

I would have liked to use a black primer, but was concerned that the basecoat would be too dark for Ulthuan Grey to cover fully.

I kinda liked how it turned out. Now for the remaining 99 sisters to be painted lol!

I may slow down on some painting over the next month as I have managed to land a part time job. Good to stock up on the old warchest haha!

Take care everyone, and may you also find time for hobbying in the midst of the daily grind ;)


  1. more funds for the warchest always welcome lol