Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Back into the fray!

Good April everyone! I'll be having a break from the grind and hopefully paint up more of the wall of plastic. I woke up pretty early this morning for some quiet contemplation. The first model I painted up is a Death Company Space Marine for my Flesh Tearers Chapter.
I find the latest Death Company sculpts to be the best, with lots of details so its not just a marine in black power armor. My previous Death Company marine were done using standard tactical squad space marines. I just painted them black and gave then red crosses on the shoulder pads and helmets.
But the details do add that something special and makes it so much more characterful. I still have highlights to do on the entire model, and of course the base which I always procrastinate to do up haha!
Bearing in mind that this is just a standard Death Company marine. But the amount of iconography on the model is quite plentiful. I guess many in the DC decorate their armor as it will almost certainly be their final battle. They want to be remembered.
I still have not added any names or words to the parchment areas. Will probably go with generic words relating to death like Mortis and such. I used a base of Baneblade Brown. Then layered on a mix of Baneblade Brown and Ushabti Bone. I then added white to Ushabti Bone for the final highlights. Then washed it with Gryphonne Sepia. I'll prolly need to highlight it back up again with some Ushabti Bone on the raised areas.

Will be posting some of the neat stuff I got while I was on holiday in Melbourne and Sydney soon :)

Have a great day ahead!

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