Thursday, April 2, 2015

WIP: Flesh Tearers Death Company

Woke up early again today, 4am!!And painted up another DC Marine wielding the Thunder Hammer. This is again one of the new DC miniatures from GW. I don't really like assembling minis, but enjoy the conversion process. The benefit of a brand new miniature is I don't have to paint over a layer of previous paintjob (I'm too lazy to strip the paint off).
The head for the mini is taken from the old tactical squad space marine sprue.
I really dig the bionics/ skull replacement on the side of his face. The bit would be great for Iron Hands marines. The colors used for the reds are Khorne Red as a base, and then a mix of Khorne Red with Mephiston Red. Mephiston Red for highlights and some areas I'll add a mix of Fire Dragon Bright to raised areas.
The gold on the hammer is from Game Color and is called Dorado Pulido Polished Gold. Its really nice and shiny, almost reflective even. I toned it down just a little with some Gryphonne Sepia wash.
Back view. The gems are done in the same manner as the other reds, just with more highlights and a drop of white at the top of the gem.
I added the 2 new DC marines I painted to the old (on the cheap) DC Marines. they really make the unit pop :)

I'm basing my Flesh Tearers list on the Defenders of Cathedrum formation. I'm going as far as possible to match the armaments of the marines shown in the mission book.

And on that note, its Easter tomorrow! Happy holidays in advance to all.

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