Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Flesh Tearers Death Company: Squad Helorius (WIP)

Woke up with the break of dawn again with paintbrush flashing in the dusky orange light. Did a quick paint up of the last member of Squad Helorius.
This doomed battle brother wields the standard chainsword and a plasma pistol to smite his foes with.
I had run out of the new Death Company Marines and this one is from the new Blood Angels tactical squad sprue.
I'm basing my 1850 point list on the Defenders of Cathedrum. I was unable to fully replicate all the wargear in the picture of the Exterminatus campaign book. The Death Company there were using jump packs and all my jump packs were stuck on my Assault Marines lol! I will compensate by giving them a Rhino or just chuck them in the Storm Raven.
Not sure how well a list based on a picture in a campaign book will work, but it will be fun!

Squad Helorius
All together now! Blood for the Blood G....Angel!!

I hope to keep up the painting. Now to put some sand on those bases haha!!

Have a super week ahead everyone!