Monday, April 6, 2015

WIP: Another Death Company Marine

Had some family matters to attend to during the weekend and didn't get much painting done. I did assemble another DC marine and managed to put color to him this morning. As usual woke up bright and early.
I am really getting to like the new DC marine sculpts. Am resisting temptation to get more lol! I decided to assemble a majority of the future DC marines without helmets. This gives more opportunity to show their feral faces and reflects their eagerness to bite into the enemy.
I painted his hair white to practice painting white hair for my future project Sisters of Battle. This provided a nice contrast to my mostly blond haired marines.
As this model had more parchment and skulls, a lot of bleached bone was already used with very little reds. I decided to paint the ropes on the armor red to represent the symbolic  Death Company's red cross.
Another army formation that is tempting is the Strike Force Mortalis, all comprised of Death Company marines and Dreadnoughts!

Have a great week ahead everyone! Good health to all!

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