Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WIP: Sanguinary Guard Sarge

I've started working on the Sanguinary Guard once again. This one is inspired partly by Flesh Tearers fluff as well as the anime Attack on Titan. The Flesh Tearers are known for the flensing of their enemies. I decided to paint up a Sanguinary Guard "sergeant" uniquely to represent his squad leader status, although the squad itself does not have a sergeant in-game.
I also drew inspiration from the muscle titan from the anime as well as Mephiston and Astorath's organic looking armor. This would not be too far fetched from Flesh Tearers tactics of striking fear into their enemies. Imagine a flayed corpse like giant screaming towards you from the skies :)
Still very much a work in progress. Lots of highlighting and painting left to be done. But the flensed flesh paint on the armor is coming along nicely. I mainly used a basecoat of Red Gore with Abaddon Black (50:50). Then I layered on Red Gore. The muscle bands were done using Red Gore mixed with increasing amounts of Ushabti Bone. Then I gave it a wash of watered down Red Gore.
He will be in my Sanguinary Guard heavy list in my previous post. Can't wait to get it the rest of the guys painted up.

Have a great rest of the week ahead everyone! Take care and keep rolling those dice ;)


  1. Sam, these are amazing!

    Scary (for me), but AMAZING!

  2. Thanks haha! Also reminds me of Jaron Namir from Deus Ex.

  3. Hey mate, these look great, love the sarge! I am the guy who painted the original colour scheme that inspired you - glad you liked them and I love seeing someone else's take on the theme! Really loving all of your FT models, they look great. My own blog is a little sparse and somewhat barren next to yours, but in case you wanted to have a look at some of my other Flesh Tearers, link below. Assault Termies and Furioso are going up in the next few days. I've recently been inspired again after years away from 40K. Cheers! Liam.