Saturday, December 6, 2014

Flesh Tearers WIP: Vanguard Veterans

Its the weekend again and more Flesh Tearer action on the painting front. It has been an ongoing project through the year and picked up speed as there is possibility of another Apocalypse game with my gaming group. Hope I will be able to attend some upcoming battles.

I under coated and basecoated my 5 Vanguard Veterans today. They are made from different bitzs from the standard Tactical Marines, Death Company and Sanguinary Guard. I could not resist and started work on one of them already.
I decided to go for the standard colors of the Flesh Tearers with the traditional white helmet of all Vanguard Veterans. I went for a more pale bone color for the helmet.
The bitz from the different kits really makes him stand out from an ordinary Assault Marine. He's not done yet. Still got gems to paint and none of the armor is highlighted yet.
Freehanded the Flesh Tearers symbols as per standard practice.
I painted Dante for a friend a while back and remembered painting the glow on the jetpacks. It came out really well and I'm going to repeat this on all my jetpack models.
I decided to at least go for a unit of each available in the Codex for my Flesh Tearers army. Hope that the Vanguard Veterans will also be in the new dex :)

WIP: Death Company
I also managed to assemble and prime the rest of my Death Company Marines.
These are some of the older metal Space Marines I got at the local flea market a couple months back. Some are already pre-based. I assembled them with the old close combat weapon knifes. This unit I will name The Flensers.
They are contrasted by this other unit comprising of a majority of the newer DC models. The Black Rage is on!

Well, that may be all the hobby progress I can muster for this weekend haha!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thanks man. They like wearing the bone white cos it'll become all gory after a battle.