Sunday, November 30, 2014

More Flesh Tearers!

I've been working on putting paint to the 2nd Furioso Dreadnought for my Flesh Tearers army. Had some time again this sunny Sunday and it was go time for Red Gore!
I painted the main areas of the model first. So reds,blacks and metals. Did manage to do some detail work on the lenses as well.
Painted on the Flesh Tearers chapter symbol with a bit of freehand. I don't think GW have the Flesh Tearers transfers yet.
Other side of the Furioso's arm. I'm still deciding on the ranged weapon for his arm. I'm leaning more towards the under slung Meltagun.
I also did a bit of freehand on the Furioso's combat arm. Gave it the standard blood drops and grail cup iconography.

Assault Squads!
Also managed to paint up the basic reds and blacks for the Assault Squads. Some of the models are the older metal ones. Even the jump packs are metal. Brings me back to 3rd Edition haha!
Well the work week approaches on the morrow. Have a super week ahead everyone. Looking forward to the next weekend man haha!


  1. Sweet! Are you fielding them for the campaign or your lovely Nids?