Monday, October 27, 2014

40K WIP: Flesh Tearers Sanguinary Guard

I'm taking a break for the week but will be going with the wife on an overseas holiday :) I did manage to squeeze in a work in progress mini before I leave. I'm consolidating certain armies to give each army more miniatures as this comes in really handy during Apocalypse games.

I got inspired by a guy who did a similar paint scheme for the Flesh Tearers Sanguinary Guard on the interwebs. Will link credits here later. I'm heading off in a couple of minutes.
I still got lots of highlights to do, especially on the wings and jump pack. But this is the general color scheme. I really dig the combination of colors. Simple yet effective.
The pale bone mask did spook me a bit, which is probably why I like the paint scheme haha!
I'll be focusing on beefing up and really finish painting (including basing) my Flesh Tearers army for the year's end.
I'll be painting the pipes a Bolgun Metal coat and do some afterburner highlights as well for the jet pack.

Take care and have a great week ahead everyone!

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