Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Its always one of the most exciting and wonderful feeling when you get something nice in the mail. The happiness is heightened when you know that its some really cool minis coming your way.

I chanced upon some really sweet miniatures of the Predator or Hunter Aliens ;) from Copplestone Castings.
I decided to paint them up based on an old Aliens vs Predator arcade game way back in the 1990s. Here are some samples of the Predators that inspired me.

Above is the Predator Hunter from the arcade game. He's a nice orange-y color with jungle green accents on his gloves.
The pic above is of the Predator Warrior. He's rockin' steel grey armor and the retractable spear. Its also quite interesting to know the flesh color of the skin which looks really human.

Here's my rendition of the Arcade Predator Hunter :)
I find the pose quite dynamic, as if the Predator is sneaking up on his prey with spear at the ready.
He's got some impressive muscles going there. I like the detail on the hair braids as well.
The back area also has some nice details. The plasma caster and energy level device adds to the atmosphere of the model.
A clearer pic of the side view of the Hunter Alien. I got 2 sets of these guys, total of 8. I think they can be used as alternative models for Death Cult Assassins from the 40K Grey Knights Codex. They could be like a Predator Cult hehe!

Below is WIP of the other Hunter Aliens with different poses:
Well, tomorrow will be the mid-week. And there's still lots of stuff to do at work. Pressing on!


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