Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chaplain Gavel of the Black Templars

Its been another restful weekend and I find myself finding the strength and motivation to paint again. Which is great since there's lots happening in the family front as well as at work.

"Never Retreat! Never Surrender!"
And aptly so in terms of the Black Templar creed. To that end, I have decided to finally paint up a Chaplain mini I've had for more than 8 years.

Above is the WIP of the Chaplain. I wanted to do minimal colors as black and bone with some grey. This seemed like a great idea...

But I got slightly carried away yet again haha!
This is Chaplain Gavel of the Twin Swords Crusade. As usual, there is still lots of highlighting to do, but the main colors are down pat. I have modeled him a Power Fist as it makes him more versatile in close combat, now that the Crozius Arcanum is just a power maul.
He is posed as if raising his power fist arm in challenge, or signalling his men for a charge. I really like the Chaplain mask on this miniature. I find its a unique blend of the space marine standard helmet and a human skull. Plus it does make him look real angry heheh!
A view of the other side of the Chappy's very righteous Power Fist. The shoulder pad is from the Black Templar Upgrade box and the power fist is from the old Blood Claws sprue, sans the wolf icon.
Back view of the mini. This Chaplain mini really has a ton of details. It was great fun to paint and I'll be trying to squeeze him into my next BT army list for sure!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. My sword and soul are ready for the challenges of the coming week.I hope ;)

Update! More Gavel Pics!
I did a bit more highlighting, but alas no basing lol! Am deciding to post him up on B&C as they have a really nice thread going on with all the different Black Templar Chaplains :)

Meanwhile, take care one and all!

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