Sunday, November 18, 2012

Of Templars and Tyranids

I've been fortunate again to find myself having a small window of time in doing some hobbying again :) Woohoo!!

First up is one of the Rhino tank transports for the Black Templars.
I've got most of the basic white colors of the doors, hatches and skirtings done. This one will probably be the Rhino carrying the Warlord of the army, which means either my Marshal or the Emperor's Champion.

Tyranids Awaken!
I've got my order of Xenomorph Heads in from Chapterhouse Studios :) The sculpts are totally awesome and I've taken the first chance to do some conversion work on some really old 'Nids. I think I last played my 'Nids 8 years ago. But I was fortunate to get a game in last week against Defeng's IG.

Genestealers (or Jean-Stealers) 
I cut the head off a really old Genestealer mini.
I did a minor operation to the Xenomorph head hehe!
Added some greenstuff to cover up the uneven areas.
And popped the head onto the Genestealer body.
I'm quite happy with the result. This can represent the Ymgarl Stealers or a normal Genestealer, albeit a H.R. Giger inspired Tyranid organism ;)

Click the Pic! I decided to do a few more to make it a nice Brood of 10.

I used the full Xenomorph heads on the newer Genestealer models as the bodies are larger and a little broader than the older blue plastic ones.
Also mounted the Xenomorph heads on the standard Termagants. They look handsome hehe!

I'm going to be re-doing the Old' Nids and they'll be reborn as the Xenomorph 'Nids. I'm taking some of the color inspiration for the old Alien Vs Predator Arcade games, as well as the standard shiny black Aliens.

The School Holidays are here and I'm on the home run to finish up lots of work before I can go on a break :)

Take care all! And have an inspiring and joyful week ahead!

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