Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Eldar WIP

This week was quite a long one, and after a day of rest, hobbying has resumed :)
I decided to work on a model that I've had on the shelf for a really long time. It is the Eldar Avatar of Khaine! He was previously painted mostly blue with some highlights. The paintjob did start to look old and I decided to give him a revamp just in time for 6th Edtion!

This is mostly WIP work. I like to start off with painting the face and fan outwards to the rest of the model. I've had the Avatar miniature for a really long time, and repainting it has given me a new appreciation of the detail it has, which is a lot!

I decided to go for a dark reddish tinge with glowly molten insides :)

Still a work in progress. I'll be finishing the arms and body next before moving on to the legs. I've decided to leave the Wailing Doom (aka the big sword) as the last part to be painted.

Another shot at the semi painted Avatar. He's lookin' fiercer than evar before!

Patterned Wraithguard

Some freehand was done of the Wraithguard's head. Its something I'll shall continue to experiment with.


I'm still taking up commission work if anyone is interested. But due to work, I can only work on individual miniatures. This will mean mostly 28mm single man general level models.

On the left is a converted WIP Imperial Guard general I'm painting up for a friend.

Do send me a message if interested in a commission ;)

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Have a Blessed week ahead all!

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