Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eldar Avatar WIP and Other Goodies

Its been a busy week yet again, but we have survived the gauntlet for another well deserved rest at the weekend :))

 I got down to working more on my Eldar Avatar and collected some gaming accessories to boot!

God of War
He's almost almost done! I'm just deliberating on what colors to paint his topknot and hair. So far no ideas are coming forth. But I'm overall quite happy with the way he turned out. I was going for a more smouldering amber look.

A side view of the Avatar. He wields the deadly Wailing Doom. the right arm is a bit of a pain to paint with all the details. But a very rewarding sight once finished as the details really bring out the ornate and grand feel of the Avatar of Khaine.

Just a bit of a back view. He's also got lots of runes and gems on the legs. They were fun to paint. Just a bit more highlighting and I'm also doing a special base for him.

Psychic Cards

Hey guys! I got the psychic cards, we can use it during our next game :)

Objective Markers

Also the objective markers have arrived. They look really good too! I like the special box it comes in. Very nice! I added an Eldar Guardian for scale.

A closer shot of the objective dice. Each picture on the dice has a meaning, like Primary Objective, Secondary Objective to scenarios like Slay the Warlord and First Blood. Pretty cool!

A pic of the Objective Marker stands. Guardian for size comparison.

All in all a good but tiring week ;)

Have a good weekend and an even better week ahead everyone!


  1. Awesome painting, bro!

    Just what I needed to get through the day/night. I look forward to more pictures!

  2. Thanks bro!

    Hey how are things in NYC man? Hope you are settling in nicely :)

    I'll try to put up more posts haha!

    1. Hey, it's good here but I really miss you guys!

      Work has been keeping me from warhammer. Kinda sad especially with 6th ed. and the new chaos release! =(

  3. Hey man, hope you can find some time for games in NYC :) Send us some pics of the neighbourhood bro!