Monday, August 6, 2012

Death Company Chaplain

I managed to get in another great game of 40K 6th Edition last Saturday with my gaming buddies at crazyrat's residence (welcome back!). It was great fun although I was nearly decimated haha! I was rocking with 1750pts of Iyanden Eldar with 1K Grey Knights played by JaeRoler. We were pitched against Krom (Defu) and Daniel who brought the same pointage of Blood Angels. The Flyers (Stormravens) really made their presence felt in the game!

Counts As Lemartes
I have always been impressed by Daniel's Spartan themed Blood Angels army, as well as his use of Lemartes in his Death Company. The DC are always fun as well as a challenge to fight against. Anyways I had some spare bitz and made a counts as Lemartes from the remaining Death Company sprue. Will pass this to Daniel when we next meet ;)

The head is from the Chaos Space Marines Tactical Squad box set. The crest is a bit from the Hoplite Greek Army I got from Wargames Factory.

The purity scroll at the back is from the Ravenwing Box and the Power Maul is from the Dark Angels Command Set (i think). The wings on the Crozius Arcanum is from the Sanguinary Guard sprue.

And there you have it, a counts as Lemartes with a hint of Spartan theme.

I got him painted up fast in case we are meeting up again this coming Thursday for moar battlez.

Top-ish down-ish front-ish view.

The Blood Crozius in all its glory.

I did not paint the full "X" pattern of the Death Company, opting to paint the lower halves of the "X" so it looks like the inverted "V" of the Spartan symbol.

 Charrggeee!! For Sanguinius! And Leonides!

I really enjoyed painting him. He will assuredly bring more fun and adventure to the games with his daring Death Company exploits ;)

I remember coming across a quote in the Blood Angels Codex of yesteryear which goes like this "For he who sheds his blood with me shall be my Battle Brother eternal." This reminded me of a similar quote in Shakespeare's Henry V, possibly from which inspiration was drawn.

"From now until the end of the world,  we and it shall be remembered.
We few, we Band of Brothers.
For he who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother."
- William Shakespeare

And lastly, I also wish all friends and fellow countrymen a super week ahead, and a very Happy and Blessed National Day :)

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