Monday, August 20, 2012

WIP: Warp Spider

Its been a good weekend. A rather restful one. But it goes by quite fast. I've been setting a target of getting at least some miniatures painted over the week. Most of the minis are not finished completely but works in progress. It still gives me that bit of joy to carry on and look forward to the next weekend :)

I've repainted an Eldar Warp Spider. They are great at their role of flanking and unleashing a volley into an enemy unit. The volume of high strength shots is quite good against vehicles now.

Did a bit of freehand on the back of his armor. I'll be trying a unit of these guys out in 6th Edition. I may not field them often though as they are not fluffy units in an Iyanden army where life is already so precious. The Craftworld can ill afford more losses to the warp lol!

My plan for my Aspect Warriors is to just paint them in their primary aspect colors. This way, I can field them in more Craftworlds ;)

Have a peaceful and fruitful week ahead everyone!

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