Thursday, August 9, 2012

Flesh Tearers: Sanguinary Priest

National Day today! And importantly also a holiday :)))

I took the opportunity to paint up the old red and white...I mean Flesh Tearers!

Kit bashed together a Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack. Made sure to give him as many grail symbols as I could find. Wanted to add more grail stuff on his legs as well, but he would look like a drinks stall man if I overdo it lol!

I decided to include at least a Sanguinary Priest in my Jump Pack army list as he adds Feel No Pain and Furious Charge, and so is a good force multiplier.

I also equipped him with a power weapon to take advantage of that higher initiative. I painted him up real fast and the base coat was done just using Scab Red. Its a deeper red and suits the color of the Chapter.

I really like the unusual helmet that he has. Its taken from the Death Company Sprue. Makes him stand out a bit more.

This is a side view of the Narthecium. This baby carries Feel No Pain Pills and Furious Charge shots :P

Back view of the Priest. The Jump Pack better not fail to work, given the number of purity seals on it hehe!

Have a sunny and relaxing weekend everyone!!

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