Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Map and Minis

I'm currently off work and surprisingly have done little during this time. Got quite a bit of other commitments and lots of distractions haha!

I got to painting just a tile from the WH Fantasy Mighty Empires set.

This be a test map tile. I had to take some time to distinguish some of the patterns on the tile. I'm ok with how it turned out. Still got some more to paint up. I kept staring at the tile after it was painted and it really draws you in as you imagine how the terrain actually looks like when zoomed in. It was a strange moment :)

WIP: Death Company Chaplain

I found this Chaplain from my bitz box. I gave him a quick repaint. He'll be leading the Death Company Marines from my Flesh Tearers.

I did not affix the backpack as this allows me to switch over the the jump pack. May even use him to represent Lemartes.

Flying Stands
More distraction follows as I replace the broken plastic stands for my skimmer flying bases.

I got the above pack of steel flower sticks (i think) from Daiso. It was quite affordable at $2 a pack. There is a rubber sleeve covering the length of each steel stick.

I cut the required length using a pair of plier cutters. I then used a pen knife to cut off the ends of the rod to expose the metal interior.

I then superglued it to the base. I had to use a hand drill to widen the hole at the base a little.

The rod fits nicely into the Landspeeder above. And it will not break off as easily as the plastic stand.

So here's how it looks. I made all the stands a standard height using the GW plastic rod as a benchmark.

WIP: Flesh Tearers Units

I was distracted yet again as i hopped onto another project. Above is the Flesh Tearer Honor Guard WIP. I gave then 3 Meltaguns and a Flamer. An old metal Apothecary i found in the bitz box will be the Sanguinary Novitiate.

Above is the Sternguard Marines of the Flesh Tearers. 2 armed with combi-meltas and 2 with meltaguns. The Vet Sgt is an old miniature as well from the past :)

Many more distractions plague me this 2 weeks as i struggle to paint the map tiles LOL!

Also been listening to D&D Podcasts as well as other 40K podcasts like The 11th Company and my favorite Life After the Cover Save (LaTCS).

I guess the many projects represent my feelings of anxiety as i will be embarking on a new journey and experience next Monday ;)

All the best for the week everyone!

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