Friday, March 16, 2012

Malifaux: Datsue-ba

aka Mdm "I-need-a-dentist"

I watched my friends play a game of Malifaux the other day and learned some of the rules. Seems to be quite a fun game :)

This is probably my least favorite models in the Spirit of Vengeance boxset. The sculpt is suitably creepy, but this one has got just a bit too much hair and grease for my taste heheh!

Couple this with the actual translation of a Datsue-ba which is something like "old woman who strips clothes" and i was like yikes! Good thing I read through the description and in her mythology, she forces souls who want to cross the Sanzu River to take off their clothes. Apparently the clothes weight on the branches is a measure of the soul's guilt or sins.

Back view. She looks like a harmless old lady...i checked out her stat card for Malifaux and she costs one of the most points in the box set. 7 Soulstones to be exact. She must have collected a lot of souls at the river.

I also added some bamboo flooring made of green stuff, and embellished the base with some skull bits from Warhammer Fantasy.

Well, i'm glad she's done. Did not really enjoy painting the model too much, but it was finished pretty fast.

Friday has arrived :)


  1. You may not have enjoyed painting her, but the finished result looks good.

    As for Datsue in-game, I prefer my Shikome.

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

    I have not played my first game of Malifaux yet, but am definitely looking to it :)

    The Shikome model looks great! I'll probably be getting one as well.

    Are there any other models required to run a Kirai list? My group usually plays 35ss.