Friday, March 16, 2012

Malifaux: Ikiryo

I was feeling sorta motivated today and decided to try out the ethereal scheme mentioned in White Dwarf 385. The article on pg 100 details how to paint the ethereal section of the Mortis Engine.

I decided to use Ikiryo as an experimental model for the ethereal scheme ;)

I must say the step by step method for the ethereal scheme in the WD was quite helpful, and with some more practice should achieve the desired effects.

I also gave the base some greenstuff work to represent the bamboo flooring.

Also added a half eaten corpse at the base to give the model more character.

I like this model as it has an air of menace to it from the pose. This also happens to be Kira's alternate form, kinda like her soul if what i read in the fluff is correct. Basically i think Kira grabbed a new robe, put on a mask and gave herself a new explosive hairdo ;P

That's all from me today. Here's wishing one and all a great weekend ahead.

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