Monday, March 5, 2012

WIP: Drop Pod and Ironclad Dread

I did some hobbying during the weekend and finally assembled the Drop Pod bought almost a year ago. Also assembled an Ironclad Dread.

I'm thinking of gluing some of the doors of the Drop Pod shut as they can't seem to close. May need to do some filing and cleaning up of the joints. Its a nice piece and I really like the design.

The Ironclad Dread was fun to assemble as well, but I did come away with the feeling that the arms are really chunky, especially the seismic hammer one.


Also did some work on a High Elf banner for a friend. Not much space on the banner so had to squeeze the phoenix in lol!

Back view of the banner.

Painting Flames
I did some experimentation with the flames and found the method i liked best was to start with a Blazing Orange basecoat. I then added 70:30 mix of Blazing Orange and Golden Yellow and layered it on. This was followed by 30:70 mix of Blazing Orange and Golden Yellow. Then this was followed by Golden Yellow as highlight toward the tips. I then added Skull White to Golden Yellow (80:20) as final highlight right at the top.

Here's wishing all a great week ahead! May your days be fruitful and full of joy :)


  1. Fell in love with the banner! THanks bro ;)

  2. Glad you liked it bro :) I'll do the face painting steps in the post after the next one. I hope to do a step by step. Need to remind myself to take photos haha!