Friday, April 6, 2012

Warhammer Fantasy: The Hydra

Its the weekend once again! And a long weekend to boot!

I'll probably be meeting up my gaming group on the morrow and took the opportunity of today's holiday to do a quick paint up of a Hydra for my friend JaeRoler.

As time limit was a factor, a minimalist color scheme would have to do. I used mainly Hawk Turquiose mix with Chaos Black for the majority of the skin.

For the armored scales and parts of the head/face of the creature, i used Liche Purple mixed gradually with Skull White for highlights.

I also used a bit of Regal Blue with white for small accents like the eyes and the rope hanging off the Hydra's back in the front area.

Its been a rather tiring week, but one with great learning experience at my new workplace.

I wish one and all a very Blessed Good Friday :)))


  1. Excellent paint job, like the colour combinations as well, very nice blending there.

  2. Nice! He/She/It looks suitably evil and malevolent - love the colours! The spines look nice as well :)

  3. Tet Hong is so lucky!! Can I request for a Savage Orc Warlord please!

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words guys!

    I was also kinda testing out purple as i'll be doing a Unicorn Clan Samurai army soon. I ordered the minis 2 months ago. Wayland just shipped last weekend lol!

    Haha! I see if i can rummage one up ;)

  5. Unicorn clan! Come join the L5R ccg! Need more battle maidens haha

  6. @crazyrat

    I've been seriously considering for some time lol! I have some mainly Yorimoto cards. I selected the Unicorn for WH Fantasy cos they ventured out of Rokugan long ago and was influenced by other cultures. Its a good fit for adding guns into the samurai army.

    With release of new Empire, i'm sure my old Empire army will not be returning from their overseas campaign anytime soon. So i decided to go for a Samurai themed Empire army hahaha!

  7. I am looking forward to fighting those ninjas with my brutes!