Thursday, February 25, 2016

Another Day, Another Seishin

The weekend draws near. With lesser hours at work, I was able to paint up another Seishin. This is the same sculpt from the one I painted a couple of days back. But I decided to try the body of the Seishin in a slightly different color.
I'm actually liking this shade of greenish turquoise more. Its closer to Kirai's robe colors. For the green, I mixed 50:50 of Sotek Green and Warpstome Glow. Followed by highlight of Warpstone Glow mixed with Temple Guard Blue. The final highlights done using the previous mix, but just adding white.
The head of the Seishin is painted in the same manner as the last one. I used a basecoat of Doombull Brown and then a coat of Khorne Red. I added Troll Slayer Orange to the Khorne Red for layering. And for the highlights, a layer of pure Troll Slayer Orange, and then I mixed it with some Yriel Yellow.
I think this greenish turquoise color looks more like sea water than the previous one I painted. Maybe that;s why I like it more.
Double Dragons!
Above is the rest of the crew which includes my 2 remaining Seishin of different sculpt, a Lost Love and Shikome in the back. I find the Shikome model a bit disturbing and comical at the same time lol!

Hope to get more painted soon ;)