Saturday, March 5, 2016

Malifaux WIP: Lost Love

Its the weekend again and after some work stuff, I was able to paint up another of Kirai's crew. This time it is the Lost Love- who represents the tragic love story of Kirai.
I like this model more than the newer plastic one. I feel this one conveys longing and pain more than the plastic counterpart which looks kinda heroic in its pose. I undercoated the model in black before giving it a basecoat of Fenrisian Grey. This was followed by a coat of Ulthuan Grey. Then a final layer of Ceramite White. Applied some glue and basing, but still waiting for it to dry.
I then washed the model in Nihilakh Oxide twice. Then neatened the model with a mix of Nihilakh Oxide mixed with some Ceramite White. /I then applied some Biel-Tan Green wash into the recesses of the model. For the eyes, I used Drakenhof Nightshade. I decided to keep the eyes dark for creepier effect.

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!

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