Saturday, November 2, 2013

Female Elf Ranger

I did a very quick paint up of this excellent mini I bought from Heresy Miniatures. She will be a Champion in my other unit of Wood Elves Archers. This mini has really nice profiles and smooth areas to paint. I still have highlights to do and as always basing.
I painted her bow white, the same as my previous Wood Elves Champions to denote their status. 

The sculpt of the mini gives her a natural and relaxed feel. I painted most of the colors as close to the Glade Guard colors of her unit. Her bright orange hair also makes her stand out a bit more from the rank and file.
Overall, it took only an hour to paint up the mini. I enjoyed the process and can't wait to paint more Wood Elves. Am quite tempted to work on a Treeman next!

Happy November to All!

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