Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Celistophel, Elf Ranger

I got this really unique looking elf from Heresy Miniatures. He looks really haughty and aloof. As an elf should be hehe! I'll be using him as a unit Champion in my unit of Glade Guard. He really looks serious about archery.

He's got a really strong side profile too. And his long elf ears are really prominent!
I really like the details on the model. Full of small pouches and gems. The red ribbon I painted could be a prize from an archery competition.
He's one of the few male elf miniatures I've seen with really long hair. Maybe it serves as a counter weight when he's firing the bow lol! Also like the little ribbons and leaves to tie up his long golden locks.

It's been a rough beginning to the week for me. Lots of work and deadlines for discharges. Hope the week has been better for everyone else ;)

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