Saturday, November 16, 2013

WIP: Dalenion and Ardeshir

I finally managed to get some painting time in! And this will be my 301st post as well. It is also of moment as I am putting this up on my new laptop which my wife bought for me :))) My previous laptop gave up the ghost. It will be missed.

This will be my Wood Elves styled rendition of the Ranger and his Companion inspired by Drizzt and Guenhwyvar.

Dalenion the Ranger 
I decided to go with the green of the wood elves as the main color. Instead of Drizzt's white mane, I gave Dalenion golden flax hair. The ivory sword he wields is also magical and acts as a summoning conduit for his leonine companion.
A view of one of his magical swords which I have named Splinter.
This is the back view of the cloak and the ubiquitous bow and arrow carried by any self respecting wood elf. I drew some swirly patterns on his cloak to show his special status.

I decided to go with an ivory white skin/fur tone for Ardeshir. There are white lions mentioned in the Ulthuan lands. Ardeshir represents the entity inside Dalenion's sword which manifests itself as a young white lion.
Its a bit difficult to see the color of Ardeshir against the white background. I should have used a darker backdrop.
I also painted his eyes greenish to tie into the forest theme and to show that he is a magical being.

Best Friends
Ardeshir and Dalenion together, ready to take on the evil doers of the Old World. I also wrote a bit of a backstory for them. The background story is still really rough. But I hope it serves to be entertaining ;)

The solitary elf ranger of the Wood Elves. He is rarely welcomed amongst by his own race, but those whom he have saved say that he is a kind and gentle soul who carries about him an air of sorrow.  As the tale goes, Dalenion's clan was massacred in a single night. It is said that their deaths were brutal and not one warrior drew their bow. Dalenion was the only survivor, having been tasked with scouting the northern reaches of his clan's boundaries.

That the attack came from the north was all the more disturbing for Dalenion was his clan's finest ranger. And he swore that nothing passed his watch. But the trial of broken trees leading straight to the great oaken doors of his clan's home spoke otherwise...

Dalenion had taken an oath to track down the murderers of his clan. But even so, he is still distrusted amongst the Wood Elves.

Gifted with the heirlooms of his clan and badge of office as First Ranger of Clan Lorendian, he wields the swords Splinter and Winter's Breath. That the swords possess powerful magical is beyond doubt.

The blade Splinter appears to be made of a a species of wood not seen in the forests of Athel Loren. The grains of the wood appear to shift and change. And a single rune on the hilt glows with a green luminous aura.

The other heirloom is Winter's Breath. It is snowy pale in color, with bluish runes dancing near its hilt. The blade is actually home to a spirit entity known as Ardeshir. And Ardeshir is a forest spirit bound to the sword. It manifests as a white lion and fights at the side of its wielder.

The white lion is no mere spirit, but an intelligent creature. It has formed a close bond with Dalenion and they have become great friends. In later years, this friendship would define them both and prove not only each other's salvation, but also that of wherever they call home.

Dalenion and Ardeshir have traveled far beyond the borders of Athel Loren and deep into the other territories of the Old World.

Have a great weekend all! I leave you a quote from the famed drow himself.

"Goodness, courage, and love is a song. In my travels I have learned one thing, evil creatures cannot sing." - Drizzt Do'Urden

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