Monday, November 26, 2012

Tyranids WIPs

I had great fun playing the Tyranids in 6th Edition. I started a Tyranid army many years ago with the aim of making an epic game of aliens vs heroes of the Imperium. Sadly I was more into the heroism of humanity and the alien menace fell into neglect.

I collected many armies from the Imperium to fight the alien menace, but sadly I do not do much battle with Tyranids. Well, I've decided to restart my Tyranid army so I can see the Imperium's battles against them. Except this time, I'm playing the Tyranids, and secretly cheering for the good guys lol!

When I paint up another army, I try to make sure its a color that is different from my existing armies. I decided on Warlock Purple Nids as I have not really seen them before ;)

Above is an Alien Xenomorph from the Alien vs Predator Arcade game that inspired it all.

I did some conversion to add on the Xenomorph heads from Chapterhouse Studios.
I cut the back of the Xenomorph head give the Genestealer and more dog like, bulky look in the front.
Greenstuffed the neck area...
And he's done!

So here's a test model of my converted Alien inspired Genestealer!

I used a basecoat of Abadon Black with Warlock Purple as a base. Then I layered on the Warlock Purple.
Back view of the Genomorph.

I applied the Gloss Varnish to the top of the head for the organic smooth alien feel.
Comin' at cha!

Hive Tyrant WIP
Also did some work on the olde Hive Tyrant. He's seen some battles in the past and is recovering from rubber claw syndrome. He did not hit or wound much during his recent battles lol!

I'll repaint him in the same Warlock Purple scheme.
I modified the lower arms to for weapon options.
 So here he is pretending to be the Swarmlord.
Here he is with Twin Linked Devourers.
A closer pic of the converted Twin Linked Devourers, made from the Termagant Devourer arms.

That's all I got for now :)

Have a good start to the week everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Its always one of the most exciting and wonderful feeling when you get something nice in the mail. The happiness is heightened when you know that its some really cool minis coming your way.

I chanced upon some really sweet miniatures of the Predator or Hunter Aliens ;) from Copplestone Castings.
I decided to paint them up based on an old Aliens vs Predator arcade game way back in the 1990s. Here are some samples of the Predators that inspired me.

Above is the Predator Hunter from the arcade game. He's a nice orange-y color with jungle green accents on his gloves.
The pic above is of the Predator Warrior. He's rockin' steel grey armor and the retractable spear. Its also quite interesting to know the flesh color of the skin which looks really human.

Here's my rendition of the Arcade Predator Hunter :)
I find the pose quite dynamic, as if the Predator is sneaking up on his prey with spear at the ready.
He's got some impressive muscles going there. I like the detail on the hair braids as well.
The back area also has some nice details. The plasma caster and energy level device adds to the atmosphere of the model.
A clearer pic of the side view of the Hunter Alien. I got 2 sets of these guys, total of 8. I think they can be used as alternative models for Death Cult Assassins from the 40K Grey Knights Codex. They could be like a Predator Cult hehe!

Below is WIP of the other Hunter Aliens with different poses:
Well, tomorrow will be the mid-week. And there's still lots of stuff to do at work. Pressing on!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Of Templars and Tyranids

I've been fortunate again to find myself having a small window of time in doing some hobbying again :) Woohoo!!

First up is one of the Rhino tank transports for the Black Templars.
I've got most of the basic white colors of the doors, hatches and skirtings done. This one will probably be the Rhino carrying the Warlord of the army, which means either my Marshal or the Emperor's Champion.

Tyranids Awaken!
I've got my order of Xenomorph Heads in from Chapterhouse Studios :) The sculpts are totally awesome and I've taken the first chance to do some conversion work on some really old 'Nids. I think I last played my 'Nids 8 years ago. But I was fortunate to get a game in last week against Defeng's IG.

Genestealers (or Jean-Stealers) 
I cut the head off a really old Genestealer mini.
I did a minor operation to the Xenomorph head hehe!
Added some greenstuff to cover up the uneven areas.
And popped the head onto the Genestealer body.
I'm quite happy with the result. This can represent the Ymgarl Stealers or a normal Genestealer, albeit a H.R. Giger inspired Tyranid organism ;)

Click the Pic! I decided to do a few more to make it a nice Brood of 10.

I used the full Xenomorph heads on the newer Genestealer models as the bodies are larger and a little broader than the older blue plastic ones.
Also mounted the Xenomorph heads on the standard Termagants. They look handsome hehe!

I'm going to be re-doing the Old' Nids and they'll be reborn as the Xenomorph 'Nids. I'm taking some of the color inspiration for the old Alien Vs Predator Arcade games, as well as the standard shiny black Aliens.

The School Holidays are here and I'm on the home run to finish up lots of work before I can go on a break :)

Take care all! And have an inspiring and joyful week ahead!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chaplain Gavel of the Black Templars

Its been another restful weekend and I find myself finding the strength and motivation to paint again. Which is great since there's lots happening in the family front as well as at work.

"Never Retreat! Never Surrender!"
And aptly so in terms of the Black Templar creed. To that end, I have decided to finally paint up a Chaplain mini I've had for more than 8 years.

Above is the WIP of the Chaplain. I wanted to do minimal colors as black and bone with some grey. This seemed like a great idea...

But I got slightly carried away yet again haha!
This is Chaplain Gavel of the Twin Swords Crusade. As usual, there is still lots of highlighting to do, but the main colors are down pat. I have modeled him a Power Fist as it makes him more versatile in close combat, now that the Crozius Arcanum is just a power maul.
He is posed as if raising his power fist arm in challenge, or signalling his men for a charge. I really like the Chaplain mask on this miniature. I find its a unique blend of the space marine standard helmet and a human skull. Plus it does make him look real angry heheh!
A view of the other side of the Chappy's very righteous Power Fist. The shoulder pad is from the Black Templar Upgrade box and the power fist is from the old Blood Claws sprue, sans the wolf icon.
Back view of the mini. This Chaplain mini really has a ton of details. It was great fun to paint and I'll be trying to squeeze him into my next BT army list for sure!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. My sword and soul are ready for the challenges of the coming week.I hope ;)

Update! More Gavel Pics!
I did a bit more highlighting, but alas no basing lol! Am deciding to post him up on B&C as they have a really nice thread going on with all the different Black Templar Chaplains :)

Meanwhile, take care one and all!